What Is the Difference Between Escorts and Prostitutes?

Escorts and prostitutes are completely different. Prostitution is illegal and you are paying for a single encounter.

Escorts and prostitutes are completely different. Prostitution is illegal and you are paying for a single encounter.

What Is the Difference Between Escorts and Prostitutes?

What Is the Difference Between Escort and Prostitute?

Though the layman might say otherwise, escorts and prostitutes are not the same in any respect. In this guide we'll break down the difference between escort and prostitute for you.

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There is a misconception about the difference between escort and prostitute services. But, they're not the same thing. There is a lot more than meets the eye on this fascinating subject. With twelve percent of the population saying they've paid for sex, it's a topic worth talking about.

What does prostitution entail that escorting doesn't? Are you currently looking for escorts and want to know what makes them different? In this post, we'll cover the history of the two and what makes them unique.

Let's Talk About Prostitution

Sex work has been around as long as people have had the need. It's nothing new, yet it's still in high demand. After a time, they saw it as an evil in society, much like a lot of other vices. And, by the early 1900's it became illegal to pay for or take money for sex.

Prostitution is still illegal the states. Though, there are a few counties in Nevada that allow it with strict rules and regulation.

What is an Escort?

An escort is someone who spends time with you for a rate. There are several levels of companionship that you can request from the person you hire.

Escorts can either have employment with an escort service or be self-employed. They go with you to events, to dinner, or you can get to know them over coffee.

What is the Difference Between Escort and Prostitute Services?

Sex work, to the average person, all seems like the same thing. But, here are the actual differences.

One is Illegal

The most apparent difference between them is legality. It's legal to hire an escort while getting caught hiring a prostitute can get you into trouble.

Why is this? Because the act of trading sexual encounters for money is illegal. When you hire an escort, you are asking for companionship or a plus-one. That's why it's legal.

The Pay Can Be Greater

When paying for escort services, what you pay is likely going to be greater. You're not paying for one encounter. You're investing in several hours of someone's company.

A lot of escorts can make their own rates. Meaning, the time you spend with them is their own time. They can charge how they see fit.


A majority of the time, there is more safety in being an escort than there is in prostitution. Unless it's one of the Nevada brothels.

There is safety in being able to investigate a client. They are able to have a say, whereas a prostitute may not have the same luxury.

Adult Entertainment

One of the most accurate depictions of escorting could be that it is adult entertainment.

Much like sex-camming, and even porn, escorting is about entertainment. When hired as an escort, a man or woman is there to make the evening pleasant. To keep someone occupied.


In some ways, the law sees prostitution as trafficking. Whether a man or woman is prostituting of their own free-will, it's still classified as such.

Escorting is not seen that way. In some ways, it's seen as more consensual because the escorts have more say in who they go out with.

Sex for Money

One of the reasons escorting is legal, and prostitution isn't, is because sex isn't supposed to be on the menu.

Even though sex with escorts could still happen, it isn't part of the rate. If you two hit it off during your time together, no one can police your conduct after the fact. Escorts are also known for their discretion.

Reasons People Become Escorts

There's a lot of reasons why one would decide to become an escort. People make decisions for themselves every day that aren't due an explanation.

But if you could get paid well to spend time with people, wouldn't you? A majority of those who decide to take on escorting are able to pay for their college without debt. Though, most would say it isn't something they plan to do forever.

The experiences someone encounters as an escort are unbeatable. The pay is better than most people see. And they get to meet interesting, diverse people like you.

Reasons Why You Should Hire an Escort vs. Prostitute

When you hire an escort, you're hiring for much more than sex.

Hiring a prostitute means you are getting only the bare minimum for what you pay. Will they spend time with you, talk with you, and be your date? No. Is a prostitute taking your money of their own free will? You might never know.

Yet, when you spend time with an escort, you know you are going to get more. Escorts may have a pretty exterior, but they're more than that. Have a drink, show them off, and enjoy their company. You'll be more satisfied with the emotional side of escorting.

One of the best things about hiring an escort is there is no commitment. You can experience all the greater aspects of having a girlfriend or boyfriend for a night. There is no worry about calling them the next day. No need to impress anyone for a great length of time.

Having someone charming beside you at events can boost your confidence. Go to your conference knowing everyone is looking at the beautiful person you're with. They might help you look great, but you'll also feel better knowing you didn't have to attend alone.

They don't call them escorts for nothing.

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