Tips for Including Escorts in Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party Plans

Sin City is the ideal place for a bachelor weekend, and adding escorts into the mix guarantees a good time! Here's how to plan an epic Las Vegas bachelor party.

Sin City is the ideal place for a bachelor weekend, and adding escorts into the mix guarantees a good time! Here's how to plan an epic Las Vegas bachelor party.

8 Tips for Including Escorts in Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party Plans

There's no better way to kick off a bachelor party in Vegas than by hiring a few lovely ladies to join you and all your friends. Escorts make it easier to kick back and relax when you're out to dinner or at the club. They can also be daytime companions if you plan on going to a pool party or to check out other Vegas activities.

If you're lucky, they may even end up as more than just companions. But, you have to play your cards right and know where to find the best escorts in the first place.

Here's everything you need to know when including escorts in the Las Vegas bachelor party you're planning.

1. Find a Reputable Escort Service

Unfortunately, there are all kinds of amateur escort services and not-so-legal forms of paying for companionship in Vegas.

You want to make sure the service you hire is staffed with lovely ladies who are 100% professional. This is the best guarantee that you and your buddies will have a good time without getting in trouble (either legally or health-wise).

As such, you should start researching different escort services now. Compare who the top escorts in Vegas are and look into how much each service will cost you. This will give you a much better understanding of what you can expect.

2. Plan Your Service Ahead of Time

Make sure you book your service as soon as you find the best escorts to accompany you and your friends. The last thing you want is to talk up this part of the bachelor experience only to realize the ladies you wanted to hire are unavailable!

Remember, there are plenty of fellas in Vegas looking for the same thing as you. The best way to get the best girls is to book your service before you even arrive in Sin City.

3. Make Sure All the Guys Are on the Same Page

It doesn't hurt to talk to all the guys who are coming to the bachelor party before you book your escorts. This is especially true if you're the best man who's planning the party and you don't know all the guys who are coming.

It'd be really awkward for a married man to show up and not be comfortable with having hired girls join the fun. As awesome as it may seem for you, you shouldn't assume everyone's on the same page.

Always ask ahead of time. More so, go into detail about what the guys are expecting as far as the fun they want to have with these girls and how much everyone is willing to pay.

Oh, and if you're the soon-to-be groom, use your discretion about whether or not you'd like to tell your future wife.

4. Understand What You Can and Cannot Do

Here's the thing about escorts that not everyone understands: they can guarantee companionship, that's it. This means they'll serve you drinks and make sure you have fun without anyone bothering you at the club. They'll laugh at your jokes and pose in pictures and they're usually pretty fun people themselves.

Everything else is a bit of a grey area.

Don't assume you can just have sex with them or that any of your friends can, either. It's entirely up to each escort whether or not she'd like things to continue past a certain point.

5. Have an Idea of Where the Night Is Going

You don't want to hire escorts and end up hanging around the hotel lobby. Make sure you have a plan for the night before it begins.

Are they joining you and the boys for dinner or meeting you afterward? Do you plan on going out to a show or getting a VIP lounge in one of the clubs?

Settle these details ahead of time. That way, you can all fully enjoy yourselves once the night begins.

6. Consider Asking the Escorts What the Best Activities in Vegas Are

If you do find yourself at a loss for what to do, don't be afraid to ask the escorts.

Remember, these ladies know Vegas. They've been to all the best bars, clubs, and restaurants. They know how to get you into to certain places and they won't hesitate to tell you which places not to go to if you ask.

Their expertise is worth consulting if you want to throw the absolute best bachelor party in Vegas. But, try to do so ahead of time so you're ready to get the party started right away.

7. Remember the Party Is Not About the Girls

As fun as it is to hire escorts, that's not the point of why you're here. You may decide to hire them for more than one night of your Vegas trip, but you should still set plenty of time aside just for the guys.

It's not every day that you're able to have a boys trip, and you or your buddy won't be getting married again anytime soon. So, remember to enjoy this time with the people who really matter, and then bring the girls into the mix.

8. Don't Be "That" Guy

This may be the most important rule of hiring escorts: don't be a jerk.

An escort is basically a guaranteed first date. You're hiring these women to be part of the fun and show you a good time. But, the best way for everyone to enjoy themselves is to give them some common courtesy, too.

Don't flaunt your escorts when you're out in public and don't be all over them, either. Think of them as really attractive, fun friends you have for the night and let everything else take its course.

Throw the Ultimate Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Ready to have the time of your life in Las Vegas?

Great - just make sure all the planning is taken care of before you arrive. This way you'll be able to really enjoy every moment of your upcoming Las Vegas bachelor party.

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