Independent escorts in Las Vegas

Independent Las Vegas Escorts

Learn about independent escorts in Las Vegas and what your missing out on with an Las Vegas escort agency call girl

Over 75% of males hire independent escorts in Las Vegas, due to this fact adult classified websites are growing very popular. But honestly, this only gives the industry a skewed view by a large client base. When dealing with independent call girls, you're going to miss all the special perks an escort agency girl provides. Here are some of the top reasons to avoid independent escorts, and why you should make your next companion an agency girl. High-class Las Vegas escorts who work for a legal escort agency can provide a far better service. With the know-how, other independent call girls lack and miss the training and information needed to do so.

Know the risks of hiring an independent Las Vegas escort

Anyone can simply post an advertisement online for escorting, and from our research, almost 90% of ads are using fake photos. This is why some websites have started to verify postings, showing a verified badge. But even still some fake listings can be marked verified, by photoshopping an ID. As they know some clients might prefer to only call verified listings, in hopes that it is that girl. Just know when you deal with an independent, you can face a wide range of issues like this and more. Here is a brief list of some risks you might face when calling some random adult classified ads.

Underage sex trafficking victims

A lot of issues have revolved around this market, mostly being the underage sex trafficking issues. With such cases like a pimp or boyfriend manipulating a younger girl who has run away or worse. Causing the girls to work, and only hand over the money for love, respect, or even to pay back a debt. When doing this, the preditor will even lie about the girl's age. We have found a few instances where the girl can be as young as 15! Please know when you deal with an agency, all girls must verify their age to even apply.

Unclean drug users or worse

Some cases might be a girl or even an older woman paying for her drug habit. This can cause her to be exposed to diseases and possibly pass them onto you! Plus who knows who else might know where you are, and how much money you have. Dealing with low life people can only bring low life possibilities into your life and hotel room. Simply put, it might cost a bit more to deal with an agency, but the advantages far outweigh the risks.

Rushed service, or even theft of money

Lastly, a rushed service where the girl can try to leave after just minutes, to then demand more money to stay. Can start an argument and even be worse, we have heard of reports of girls simply taking the money and leaving. Because the guy can't call the cops, and say I paid for her companionship and more... The cops will simply ask the girl to leave if she hasn't already. In short, be safe out there and know your options, please!